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Liam Kyle Cahill Bio

Building upon his decade as a nomadic troubadour, Nevada singer-songwriter Liam Kyle Cahill is set to release the music of his life. Four years in the making, Liam's new Love You To Life EP (November 2021) is his fourth release, showcasing the sound of a maturing folk-rock force of nature who’s learned to work smarter, rather than harder or faster.

Having taught himself guitar and songwriting while in college, Cahill set out on the noble but often numbing life of a full-time musician; self-releasing albums and playing every house party, club, coffee shop, and casino that would have him and his Bedell acoustic. But now he’s doings things differently. Returning to his training as a Geologist, he’s a skilled gold miner by day and passionate musician by night – an empowering shift that’s allowed Cahill to work with top-tier pros to realize the sounds in his head, while staying true to his fiercely independent ethos.

Produced by Brian Deck (Counting Crows, Iron & Wine, Chadwick Stokes) and mastered by Greg Calbi (Bob Dylan, Bruce Springsteen, David Bowie), Cahill’s new material is a cultured fleshing-out of his sunny yet deceptively nuanced songcraft. The raw punk/metal edge from his past has made way for three-dimensional musicality, deft wordplay, and subtle layers of sentiment well suited to his vintage-gentleman aesthetic. Influences like Frank Turner, Brian Fallon (The Gaslight Anthem), and The Avett Brothers remain, but Cahill has truly found his voice this time – literally and metaphorically.


"Imagine Mumford & Sons in a bar room brawl with Bob Dylan at a punk rock concert - that's my sound." -Liam Kyle Cahill

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