"The 13-track full of motivational beauty, hope, and happiness, with some brilliantly sublime one-liners packed into each lyric sheet. The album is perfect for almost every setting." -Rick Jamm, Jamsphere (July 3, 2014) Full Article Here

"His demeanor was anything but fake. A few minutes into the interview, it became apparent that this man had every reason to title his recently released debut album The Key to Happiness.” -Tyler Hersko, The Nevada Sagebrush (August 26, 2014, A5) Full Article Here

"Cahill has always been very straight-forward in his musical styling’s – never leaning towards anything artificial or contrived…the sound is smooth, atmospheric, and heartfelt. If you’re tired of music without meaning, then pop this into your player, and let [The Key To Happiness] change all that." -Rick Jamm, Jamsphere (July 3, 2014) Full Article Here

"His tongue-in-cheekiness and clever word play peppers the record delightfully...The Key To Happiness goes far in solidifying Cahill as an artist to watch in 2014 and beyond." -Oliver Ex, Reno Tahoe Tonight (June 2014, pg. 89) Full Article Here

"...Cahill delivers songs as friendly as a handshake or reassuring as a man hug." -Michael Sion, Reno Gazette Journal (June 20, 2014) Full Article Here

"This music is worth the listen." -Ally Siwajian, Pans & Pickpockets (November 19, 2013) Full Article Here

"After booking Liam several times locally, I was blown away both by his vocal chops and songwriting acumen. His hi-nrg acoustic sets exhibit a kind of joy and love of songcraft and performance that is all too rare today." -Oliver Ex, Reno Tahoe Tonight (November 2013, pg. 81) Full Article Here

"Cahill is a hydro-geologist by day and acoustic guitarist and songwriter by a lot of musicians in this genre, [Liam] asks the proverbial questions about life but with a bit of Nevada nomad thrown in." -Cynthia Delaney, Elko Daily (May 17, 2012)