1. On My Own

From the recording Ode To Wisconsin

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"On My Own" by Liam Kyle Cahill

I am living on the street
I have got nothing to eat
A job was something I could never keep
Now I sing for a safer place to sleep
On my own, on my own

So weak have I become that I collapsed
It’s so cold, I wish I could go back
My choices, well I’ll reap what I have sown
The whole world, has left me here alone
One my own, on my own

So long to all my precious dreams
My tears flow down my face like streams
The one and only dream I’ve known
Was to get out and make it on my own
On my own, on my own

You would have to be crazy
Not to go crazy
Out here on the streets
But our eyes yeah, they never meet

Today, I’m not looking for a hand out
My God, I am just looking for a hand up
Keep your coins, cuz what I need is change
Your kind words, my thoughts get rearranged
On my own, on my own