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"Life Before Death" by Liam Kyle Cahill

New beauty meets us at every step in all of our
Wanderings, yet we are tangled in with patience running thin
Still nature sings, yet we miss its call because our cell phone rings
That’s just no way to be...

Men open your shut-up hearts and think of other people
Of creatures bound on other journeys, really what’s your hurry?
It makes no sense to me...

Live it folks, you’ll be a long time dead
Don’t let the worms have all the fun instead

In time we find
There’s no perfect route, nothing all planned out
To gauge our lives
Before the last grain passes from our hourglasses

Now dance, and don’t say you can’t
We all face hardships; you haven’t had your wings clipped
One last chance is never guaranteed, so cut your chains
And breathe life deep, while dark shadows creep,
And once more, Jesus will weep!

John Muir said...
“No toiler is ever underpaid. Not in these fields, God’s wilds,
will you ever hear the sad moan of disappointment; All is vanity.
No, we are overpaid a thousand times for all our toil,
and a single day in so divine an atmosphere of beauty and love
would be well worth living for. And at its close, should death come,
without any hope of another life, we could still say,
‘Thank you God, for the glorious gift!’ and pass on.”